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Build A Greenhouse With Glass

A greenhouse is a building built to house growing plants. Greenhouses are often called glasshouses because the roof and the walls are regularly made of glass or plastic. The structure gets heated due to radiation from the sun which warms the plants and the soil inside the structure more quickly that it usually would outdoors. […]

Can People Transmit The Poison Ivy Rash

The poison ivy plant is one of the most frequent problems that parents have to be cautious of and spend a good deal of time making sure that their children know how they are able to identify it. But even this sometimes is not sufficient to keep them from it. Each year it seems that […]

Different Poison Ivy Myths

Poison ivy is something that we need to concern about when we have kids who enjoy to explore their environment and pick up all sorts of new flowers and plants. A simple touch to this plant is able to make them to erupt in a rash that is irritating and usually takes days or even […]